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Sharing our love of nature with the world

We are a group of three sisters who have a love of sharing our knowledge, healing, and talents to the world. We've been involved in our local community for many years but we're wanting to spread our reach to as many people as possible.

There is nothing we love more than sharing our passion with others and helping them learn and heal.

We come from a local coven of witches that have been involved in helping each other and their community for decades.

Our family history traces our witch ancestry back to the 1500s through both Ireland and Norway. We have spells, rituals, and more that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We aren't completely stuck in the past either though. In fact, we love to say that we meld modern magic with ancient witchcraft. There is a lot we take from our ancestors but we also believe there are still new secrets to be uncovered even today.

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